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The Australian Nature Guides difference...

  • The 'local' factor - Carnarvon Gorge is Simon's home. He lives, works, and studies the area full time as proprietor of the only locally owned tourism/hospitality business.
  • Unique approach: Stargazing nights can be filled with facts and figures that go in one ear and out the other. Simon's approach is to pick readily visible and easily remembered features of the night sky and then flesh them out with mythology, history and science.
  • The Evening Star: At the end of the evening, we compile a diary of the group's experience with star charts and info on the features we observed, and a few more that you can explore yourselves.


Away from the light pollution emitted by townships, remote Central Queensland has fantastic night skies for stargazing. Using a combination of naked eye, binocular and telescopic views, Simon will take you on a quick tour of the universe - Australian Nature Guides style.The views of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, are unparalleled on a clear night at Bandana Airstrip. Guests are taken on a trip backwards in time as our minds stroll through the brilliance of the Milky Way's 100 billion stars (of which the naked eye can see around 2 500). Some of the sights provided by our equipment are binary stars, open and closed clusters, nebulae, and whatever objects in our solar system happen to be visible; such as Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and the Moon.

Bookings: Email us directly or find us at Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Information Centre next to Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge.

Availability: Nightly on demand, weather dependent.
Minimum Group Size: 4.
Duration: 1 hour.
Meet: At Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge. Times vary with sunset, check directly with Simon.
Terrain: Flat.
Cost: $20 per person.
Inclusions: We provide binoculars, telescopes, hot drinks, and a sense of wonder.
Bring: Warm clothing, eyeballs, and your curiosity.

Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Information Centre. 4043 O'Briens Rd, Carnarvon Gorge, Via Rolleston. QLD, 4702.
Phone: +61 (0)408 741 292
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